Links that I have found on Nathaniel Hawthorne and "The Scarlett Letter"

Nathaniel Hawthorne: His career as a Writer
Browse The Cyber Classics Library
Friends and Love Interests of Henry Thoreau
Nathaniel Hawthorne: early life
Nathaniel Hawthorne: Critique of "The Scarlett Letter"
New England Renaissance
Nathaniel Hawthorne
I, 7, Nathaniel Hawthorne and His Wife, by Julian Hawthorne, 1884
Nathaniel Hawthorne
The Scarlett Letter: A Twice-Told Tale, by S. Bercovitch, 1996
Dates 1800-1850
complete timeline! very helpful
My Main Page
basically a directory
Kate Chopin and "The Awakening"
my page on my Kate Chopin project
GennyLee's Tarot Page
my page of tarot links and spreads

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