Some links I have found on Kate Chopin and on "The Awakening"

The Great Plains Chautauqua Society- Kate Chopin
The SAC LitWeb Kate Chopin Page
Kate Chopin
Kate (O'Flaherty) Chopin
Biography of Kate Chopin
includes a timeline!
Symbols in "The Awakening"
complete list of symbolism that is within "The Awakening"
Perspectives in American Literature: Kate Chopin
The Awakening by Kate Chopin
CONNECT Postings on "The Awakening", ENG 384, Fall 1996
Classroom Discussion on "The Awakening"
Chopin, Kate
Romanticism in "The Awakening"
Annotated Bibliography on "The Awakening"
My Main Page
Basically a directory
Nathaniel Hawthorne and "The Scarlett Letter"
my page on my Nathaniel Hawthorne project
GennyLee's Tarot Page
my page of tarot spreads and links
Michigan Youth In Government
my YIG webpage
Michigan Youth In Government
my other YIG page
Michigan Summer Institute at Alma College
my page about the 1997 Summer Institute
Michigan Summer Institute at Alma College 2
pics and stuff
The Escanaban
The school newspaper, of which I'm an Editor

My Paper on Kate Chopin and "The Awakening"

Author Background
my paper on author background
Setting chart and paper on setting
Author's style
symbolism chart and paper on symbolism
Author Techniques
outline of author techniques used in the novel
Essential Characters
character log on Edna and Robert, plus a paper "which identifies the influence one of the characters has on another character" (Green)
theme chart, plus a paper that traces "the development of one major theme and discusses its relevancy today" (Green)
typed annotated bibliography
Comparison of "Grand Isle" to "The Awakening"
"paper that compares the novel and the movie, analyzing the movie for effectiveness" (Green)

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